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Welcome to CorysHouse.Our internet family is yours.We're all here for each other.In our corner of the internet,there is room for everyone.Hope and encouragement is the brick and mortar of CorysHouse construction.Here compassion and respect for human dignity dwell.

CorysHouse and all its contents are dedicated to Robbie Kirkland.At 14 years of age,he was like most kids our age.He enjoyed his home on the internet.He was full of life.Each day brought new adventures.But he was different.He took his own life because it was hard for him to deal with the teasing and beatings.

To Robbie and his family.Everyone that will pass through the doors of CorysHouse will carry your name and being in our heart and strive to reach out to other fellow teens to prevent suicide.

This site is also dedicated to Antti of Finland(1982-1999)
Cory Adam (1983-2000)

CorysHouse is now ELEVEN years in exsistance.

What's New?

January 2002
Cory Adam began this page during the fall of 1998.The caption and layout is his.Justin-Tyler, was able to track this page down and the pass word.

March 2002.

Please note that Yahoo has moved clubs into E Groups.The work on this page continues.

June 2002.

CorysHouse prepares for its fourth year.You will notice a clear diference in activities and involvement opportunities.
January 2003 365 new opportunities for CorysHouse begins.
July 2003 July 15-Celebrating 5 years service to families,teens,and community.
February 1st 2004 Members have asked to rebuild the teen suicide prevention,teen peer outreach program. July 2004 If you would like to volunteer as a teen peer mentor,contact

May/June 2008
Neighborhood Watch

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

The Biltmore Estate at Asheville North Carolina.
This was Cory Adam's dream house.It remains the largest home in the US.It's fitting to be used as part of CorysHouse and the huge numbers CorysHouse intends to give shelter and refuge to.

Interactive Clubs of CorysHouse

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2009 Projects

1.Teen suicide prevention project through the creation of teen peer mentors and outreach.

2.E-mail/Pen-pal project.

3.Block Paries to build the Neighborhood Crime Watch

4.Community Investment fund.

5.September 2009/Neighborhood Volunteer Month.

Program contact